Friday, May 6, 2011

Perks of being Coupled

I love relationships. I really do. There is no greater blessing living on earth then to spend time with a partner you love.

Being in love is amazing.
When you are in love the world spins under your feet. When you learn they love you too, the two of you are spinning together. Have you ever told horrible news to someone who is freshly in love? It's almost comical. They hear it, process it, but it can't squash their emotional high. I am an adrenaline junkie, I have had some amazing highs in my life but nothing surpasses that wonderful feeling of being in love.

You get to love.
Acting on love is different than feeling it, but here is where the power is. Giving attention, compassion, forgiving another person can change their life and almost always change yours. Love is a choice.

You get to play.
Chasing her around the park, tickle fests on the floor to see who can withstand the torture, playing king of the rock in lake, having staring contests; life is more fun when you're laughing. Even though we don’t want our kids or bosses to see it, we love being childish. Playing makes you feel like a kid no matter what age you are, and that is a great feeling.

You learn more with two lenses.
Having another lens to look through is SO enlightening; Oh, I did that? Oh I said that? What are you doing? Why on earth would you want that? Why would that person think that? Our brains are powerful, but two brains and perspectives teach us so much more. One of my favorite perks of partnerships is the shared learning. The two of you are better people together than you are individually.

You have support.
There is nothing lonelier than being wheeled into a hospital and laying in the ER room for 8 hours by yourself. I have experienced it, and while I did fine, it was not a good feeling. It's not just the painful times, but also the daily, mundane occurrences when it's nice to have your life partner there to talk to. Heck, just their mere presence can make a world of a difference.

You have companionship
What a great feeling it is to have a companion. It's hard to describe with words, but it is someone who is present and with you, someone you can invest in, someone you can serve, someone you can make happy. Someone who is better than you, who is worth more than you. A great friend, who is WITH you.

Get and give intimacy.
The more time spent with your partner, the deeper you go, the more you learn and the more you share really leads to a bond. Intimacy is very exclusive, and that exclusiveness makes it even more special. Intimacy is the antidote for loneliness.

Adventures are more memorable and better.
Traveling and taking on the world together is where the adventure is. Sharing experiences, memories, thoughts, and emotions is amazing. Life is an adventure, and being able to have someone that you can reminisce with make the memories stick. Ever notice that you remember the trips you take with others more clearly than the trips you take alone? I do a lot of traveling by myself which I like, but I love traveling with friends.

No matter how much you screw up your partner is still there, in it for the long run, by your side. And you are the same for them. It gives you the freedom to be different, vulnerable, candid, make mistakes, and to be silly. Take the commitment out, and it's not nearly as fun, too much doubting and stirring.