Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What You're Paid To Do

Have you ever asked yourself the question: What am I really truly paid to do? It’s a really fun question. Recently I've been asking myself that. The CEO of PerBlue is paid to:

Look into the future.
Have a vision and keep it tangible, come up with a roadmap to get to that vision.

Make the best decisions possible.
Be able to judge situations and potential consequences. These decisions are easy to criticize, but to be truly great at making good decisions is an art form.

Keep the team unified.
A dysfunctional team will not execute well. Keeping the team alive, happy, healthy, and together is crucial.

Know people.
Who to hire, connections at companies, partnerships, negotiating deals, find investors to finance the company.

Be the mouth.
Spread the word about the company and product. To be the top sales person in the company. The company's brand, image, and persona all come from how the CEO speaks, and this is how the company will be perceived. Think Steve Ballmer vs. Steve Jobs.

Andrew added another one to my list. I was reflecting one night and said, "I really hope I am right."

Andrew's addition: "You're paid to be right, that’s why you are the CEO."

So I guess I am paid to be right, but aren't we all?