Monday, March 29, 2010

Preventative Maintenance - Shovel Your Snow

As it was snowing the other day, I remembered an event from last winter when I got my van stuck in the snow in my driveway. I don't mind being stuck... it happens, but this time my van's nose slid down the hill and I was by myself. There was no way I was getting out without help. Luckily, a few guys were passing by and they pushed me up the hill. It was very kind of them.

But the real question is, how could I not have gotten stuck in the first place?

My driveway had 3-4 inches of packed snow (ice) on it and the fresh snow just made it slick. As I was driving away I had a flashback to when the first snow fell: I was like, "Well, someone should shovel this off." So I didn't shovel it and drove on top and left. I came home and still no one shoveled it off and it was now all ice. One week later I payed the price. I now couldn't get out of my own driveway.

So what to do now... I pulled out my plastic shovel and hammer. Four hours later (and one sore back) the driveway was cleared.

This very important lesson can be transfered to other areas:

In programming, no one else will clean up the code... just do it. Do it NOW, not tomorrow, because 25 minutes spent right now to clean it will save 4 hours or maybe 2 weeks of redesign and cleaning next week or next year. To all of my fellow programmers out there: shovel your snow.

The same goes for life. Things build up in your life, like relationships, and things build up in your mind. Just remember, "Shovel your snow, hopefully when it's light and fluffy."