Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making Tough Decisions

Context: It is launch for Parallel Kingdom - Age of Emergence, and Apple hasn't approved our app yet.

The managers and leaders of organizations as we all know make a lot of decisions. Many of them, us the users are not happy with. But one thing I didn't realize until my most recent gig as CEO of PerBlue is the shear volume of "very important" decisions that need to be made and how hard they are.
If you would have asked me a year ago, "Are you good at making decisions?" I would say "yes, I like making decision and I feel I am pretty good at it"

Some things recently have changed my perspective:

Some decisions I'll contemplate for days or even weeks. Analyze to great details. Then I'll make the decision, announce it to everyone. They will hear it, think for about 2 min 30 seconds, and send me there response and what they think the decision should be.

My conclusion: Outcomes are the only way to judge someone's ability to make good decisions. What people think and respond is important, but what in the end happens. Is the truth feedback mechanism.

When I see what the president Obama talking about something, my first thought is, "I am glad I don't have his job"

People who aspire and crave to "be on top" and have the "final call" scare me. I don't think understand what the top is like. Why would you want this? You want to be in the position so when your decision doesn't work, and you screwed over all these people, its all your fault and everything has your name on it. One of my main reflections is the best people to have on top are the ones who appreciate being on the bottom.

What do you think?