Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had a realization the other day. I now know how Bill Clinton got into his predicament with Monica. Someone found out about his relationship and he was thinking, "This is a pretty small deal, I'll just make up a little lie and this will go away. I can control it." I am sure the lie was small when it started. Then the press got a hold of it, and held true to his story (the lie) and it just blew up. Evidence just kept pouring in that contradicted his story. His lie became the pain point, not his action. Of course he is remembered for the lie, most people don't care at all about what his behavior was.

When something happens that you're not proud of and you don't want to share, especially when you think it will be easy to contain, it is so easy to lie. But this world is so transparent it remains very difficult to keep that lie's story completely full. The lie just grows into a monstrous problem. Then people question your character and they don't even care about what the lie actually was about.

We all know "not to lie" but the reason is this: Lies do cause more pain than the truth. The pain is just delayed.

Just like in the season finale of 24.