Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things you shouldn't screw up: Sell the product (part 2)

Once you've built the "right thing" the next thing you absolutely must do is sell it. This means you have to do 2 things.
  1. Set a price
  2. Let the right people know about your product
Setting a price is hard, but it can be easy if you are completely clueless. Just pick a number and go from there, if you are majorly off, you will find out soon enough.

The second is a much longer task. Start spreading awareness of your product to the audience you think it best fits. Your mission: get sales. Don't stop calling people, posting reviews, or pounding pavement until you get sales. Stay organized by writing down all of your prospects and record their feedback of why they won't buy or if they don't write back.

The best advice I got from a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist when it comes to fundraising or selling something was "Just go get the money." In a nut shell, stop excusing why certain people won't buy. Just go get it. This is smart advice because if you set a price and if you pound enough pavement, you'll either find someone who will pay, or learn that you built the wrong thing.