Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happiness: Do you want it or do you have It?

When your source of happiness comes from something you deposit, drink, digest, look at, or a person you are with, you are caught up with wants which will make you eventually discontent with your life as you now live it.

I have found great meaning in this quote over the last few days. We all have wants, and knowing what you want in general is a good thing. But what if those things never come again?

What if you lose your job or don't have that delicious cookie to eat? Do you need that drink to be happy? That motorcycle? That significant other? That closure?
  • Do you still have your character?
  • Do you still have your faith?
  • Do you still have your salvation and eternal perspective?
Are those wants really SO important that you're willing to put your happiness at stake? This is very personal for me. Over the last 8 months I've been very full of wants, they are good wants.
  • I want Parallel Kingdom to succeed.
  • I want my company to be profitable.
  • I want my team to be happy.
  • I want my team to be productive.
  • I want a power kite, ice skates, a good date, etc.
  • I want snow.
I want. I want. I want.Each of these by itself isn't bad, but what I've found is when I want so much it starts to erode my perspective on life as it stands. I start thinking: "I'll enjoy this when I have this, and I always want one more thing."

Instead of thinking: "I'm alive. I have faith. This is what I have. Thank God for the things I have!"

So my next months will be coming to terms with this. Wants are good. Knowing what you want is a very healthy thing. But trapping yourself in a tunnel of wants instead of haves ruins your genuine happiness.