Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't be a Dick

For the last month I was starting to believe "I was turning into a dick." I was being more blunt. I ended up saying a whole bunch of stuff that people didn't want to hear, but I would say it anyways, because I felt it was right thing to do. I tried to be tactful, but at the same time I couldn’t help feeling like I was a dick.

My parents shared this great one liner with me, "honey attracts more bees then vinegar"

Well, I learned pretty quickly, I might have been a 50% dick but there are bigger dicks in this world, which is really sad. So I made this little helpful list to help us partial dicks be less dickish.

How to know if you’re a dick:
  1. You're late to a meeting and you don't apologize
  2. You tell someone they are going like what your are saying (when your saying something they hate)
  3. When you say a joke, and nobody laughs except you
  4. When you start a conversation with, "I just want to be clear with everyone, I'm not actually going to DO any work. I am just here to facilitate."
  5. When you truly think you are better then everyone else in the room at everything
  6. When you see other people "always in the way" rather then helpful
  7. When you don't know its your co-workers birthday
  8. When someone does something nice for you and you don't say thank you
  9. When you focus on your own personal accomplishments rather then your teams
  10. When you're playing a LAN game and you view your team mates as Cannon Fodder and you say it to their face, and then laugh.. Yeah.. Oops